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Bring It Spring

It is winter in the mid-west. I have to admit it is my least favorite of the four seasons. I really don’t like the four lettered “S” word, known as snow. I look forward to the day it ceases to be part of the local weather forecasters vocabulary and they are forced to say “sunny and mild again today”, day in and day out. If we lived in a region where you could actually turn snow into a money maker with ski lifts and vacation rentals well maybe then I would feel differently,  or maybe not.  The only ones who really seem to appreciate a good snow are school kids, teachers and snow removal folks, but after 3 or 4 good snows even for them the glow seems to be diminishing. To add to our misery are those arctic blasts that just keep coming. Now don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy that first snow fall of the year. I sit by the fire and sip my cup of tea while gazing upon the gentleness of those little white flakes that drift to the earth. I enjoy the vision of numerous red birds perched upon snow laden branches, as they take a break from  gliding over to the bird feeder.  Yes, the first snow fall of the season brings out the poet in all of us.

Those first snow angels and snowmen of the season that were so much fun to make  are now just a good way to get snow down your coat collar and in your gloves.  That first one or two snow shoveling events seemed like good exercise, but when you have to start shoveling the grass so the four-legged family members will go out without being shoved through the door, well now it is not so much fun

But now enough is enough.  Bring it spring!  Alas, since we have no control over when Ole Man Winter will depart; we have to try to make the best of the season that I am beginning to call The black hole of seasons”.  Sometimes you have to make your own spring.  Sometimes you have to exert a bit more effort in elevating your mood.  So here are a few little tips.  Eat citrus, as in oranges & grapefruit; not only is the fragrance uplifting, but it has vitamin C which can help keep your immune system purring.  If you are not big on actually eating oranges or grapefruit, then buy the essential oils and put them in a diffuser and allow the aroma to drift through your home.  Color has energy!  The colors red and orange can be invigorating, but be careful, they can add fuel to an already angry or bad mood.  I myself tend to wear spring colors year round, pink is not really a favorite color of mine, but I always feel good wearing it, so I wear it a lot.  I tend to wear very little in the blacks or browns.   Buy a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, especially the ones that “say spring”, even a few stems of carnations can perk up a room.   Laughter.  The Readers Digest had it right, laughter is the best medicine.  Rent some comedies or find some old I Love Lucy shows and just laugh.  You can even take a laughter yoga class—-don’t laugh, ok laugh, but seriously there is such a thing.  The gift of laughter elevates your mood, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress, all good stuff, so have a good laugh, start with a little smile, then add a giggle and then just throw caution to the wind and let the belly laughs free.  That’s right free the laughter within.

These are just a few little fun and easy things to do that can lift the doldrums.  Of course if you can catch a flight to Hawaii or Miami, well even better.

Bring it spring!