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Perfect Peace

Several years ago I found a short story that described “perfect peace”. I don’t remember who the author was. I actually think it was author unknown, but here is my re-telling of the story.

Long long ago in a far away kingdom there was a king who sent out a call to all the artists in the land to submit their depiction of what perfect peace looked like. After a period of time had passed the king decided to pick the piece that he thought best represented perfect peace. There were sculptures, carvings, drawings and paintings. There were beautiful images of glorious sunsets, calm lakes, flower filled meadows and beauty beyond comprehension. But the painting that the king selected, drew gasps from one and all. It had a dark and stormy sky with jagged streaks of lightening. The mountains were rugged and ominous. On the top of the mountain there was a rushing waterfall, behind the waterfall, on a small ledge there was a nest with a mother bird sitting on her young. She seemed very calm in the midst of this storm that raged all around her.

When the king was asked how he could possibly pick this picture over all the serene images of tranquility, he gave this simple response, “Those works of art were indeed very lovely, but truly perfect peace is this image of calmness during the storm.”

May we each find calm during our personal storms.



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The Season of the Heart Chakra

I have found myself, over the past year, perhaps longer, dismayed and even disheartened by the increasing instances of downright meanness being perpetuated by average everyday people. We seem to have entered a period in time where it is acceptable to be a bully, not only physically but verbally and of course emotionally. We toy with the emotions of others in a detached manner. In the same way we put fuel in our cars or place a food order at a restaurant. Technology is making it easy. We can send an e-mail or a text message to end a relationship, fire an employee or to just say hateful and hurtful things to or about another. We have the invisible cyberspace wall to insulate us from all those messy emotions our writings elicit. There are some who actually take great pleasure imagining the pain they have caused another human being. These individuals continue to pursue, day in and day out, with relentless passion a barrage of cruelty. There has been an increase of violence being produced in the entertainment industry, from music, movies, television and games. We become desensitized to pain and suffering when it amuses us. It all seems harmless. It is just a fantasy. A virtual reality that we visit just for fun. The problem is that every thought, feeling, emotion and action carries with it an energy. If the collective consciousness is putting anger, pain, hatred and cruelty out into the universe, even for entertainment purposes, then that is the low vibrational energy that our planet is swirling in. When we no longer  feel empathy or compassion for another, be it human, plant or animal, then we have diminished a vital part of our human and spiritual being.

Thanksgiving is the holiday that ushers in what I consider the season of the heart chakra.  The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”.    Those who have a sensitivity to seeing energy often describe them as spinning wheels or vortexes.   There are seven primary chakras that run along the spine, beginning at the base and running up to the top of the head, or the crown.  It is said that every thought and feeling is recorded in one of the chakras.  The chakras have individual vibrations, color and sound that they are attuned to.  When each chakra is in balance,  the body has a greater opportunity to  experience good health, both physically and emotionally.

This brings us back to Anahata.  This beautiful Sanskrit word for the heart chakra means  “unhurt”.  It is the fourth chakra, with its location in the heart, upper chest and upper back.  It vibrates to the colors green/pink and the note of “F”. Its element is air, which spreads and  energizes.   This is the chakra that helps us to be open and connect with harmony and peace, to love and be loved.  When it is in balance we experience warmth, sincerity, happiness, unity,  connection to all life and a willingness to help.  When the heart chakra is too open there might be jealousy, co-dependency, clinging, demanding behavior and over-sacrificing.  A fourth chakra that is insufficient may display behaviors of   intolerance, loneliness and isolation, be critical and judgmental,  anti-social and withdrawn and show lack of empathy,  Physical signs of an imbalance in the heart chakra amy include chest pain, lung congestion, shallow breathing, upper back tension, cold sweats, tight muscles, circulation imbalance, blood pressure imbalance and an immune deficiency.  Try the simple exercise below to help balance the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Healing

Begin by sitting down, keeping a straight posture. Bring the hands together and place the knuckles of both thumbs over the heart and feel it beating. With eyes closed, take a few minutes to concentrate only on your heartbeat. Feel the power and energy that each beat represents.

Next, place the right palm over the center of the chest with the left palm on top of the right. Think about how warm your chest feels. Now, envision a radiant emerald light that is coming in and filling the body. See this light as entering through the heart and after it travels around the rest of the body, returning to the heart bringing a tingling refreshing feeling to the entire body.

Take a few minutes to experience the joy that love brings. Know that to truly love others, one must love themselves. Before ending the meditation, take the palms and place them towards the sky, outstretch the arms, and envision sending some of this wonderful positive energy into the universe.


I am an open channel for divine love.

I open my heart and share it with others.

I love who I am.

Other ways to bring balance to the heart chakra include listening to tuning forks or singing bowls in the note of F, yoga poses that open the chest and full breaths to energize the body and mind.

We have entered the season of peace, love, harmony and generosity of spirit, but keeping a balanced heart chakra can mean that these qualities emanate from us year round.