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A Walk on the Wild Side

One way that people can alleviate stress and escape their every day problems and worries is to enjoy a bit of nature. A walk in the woods, a botanical garden or on a park nature trail can be very enjoyable and beneficial. If we allow ourselves, we can take in the beauty of colors that a crayon box can’t match. The fragrant smell of wood, moss, grass and wild flowers invites us to take deep breaths in through our noses and as we exhale we feel the tension leave our bodies and since most of us tend to be shallow chest breathers the majority of the time this is wonderful; lots of fresh oxygen is reaching our aching muscles. A nature walk gives us a symphony of sounds as well. We hear birds singing to each other, perhaps as a means of attracting a mate or maybe as a warning that another human or predator is around, regardless pause and listen to their musical serenade or conversation. We see those pesky squirrels scamper across the path and up a tree and while this behavior is annoying when we are driving in our cars and they dart back and forth across the road, it seems more amusing when they do it in their more natural environment. A deer or two might be observed grazing on vegetation in the trees. One can stop and if quiet take in their serene beauty.
Yes a walk in nature can help us feel more relaxed and grounded, but here in the midwest there are of course days when the weather does not lend itself to outdoor activities. The heat and humidity cannot only be suppressive, but downright dangerous for some, while the winter months bring sharp bitter air and icy snow packed paths. But there is a way to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home, while you don’t get the benefit of exercise nor the delightful sounds and smells, it is still very lovely. Kansas City has a very talented, accomplished and award winning wildlife artist by the name of Joni Johnson Godsy. Joni has traveled all over the world photographing and painting wildlife. She has a blog that she shares not only her photographic talents, but also her passion and knowledge of nature. A visit to her blog is a bit of a nature adventure. She may take you on a journey to explore the wildlife of a national park, a foreign country or maybe just her own backyard, but regardless of where you go, her talent and insights will bring her subjects to life for you and I believe inspire you to take a walk on the wild side.
Enjoy Joni’s blog and wildlife art at the link below: